At JJA PACK, customer service is given the highest priority and we pride ourselves on our wealth of knowledge and experience, not only on JJA PACK equipment, but also on many other makes of cup Filling Machines. Our efficient spare parts and logistics system means we are able to supply genuine OEM specification spare parts you need in next to no time.

Your order is checked for quality before being dispatched by the most direct method to avoid any unnecessary waiting times. When you purchase your machine from JJA PACK we are able supply a dedicated proactive spare parts package comprising critical parts to cover any wear and emergency situations.

We can supply spares for all the equiptment listed below.

Colunio 1000-D
Colunio 2500
Colunio 4500
Colunio 8000
Colunio 9000
Colunio FSR-10
Colunio FSR-25
Colunio FSR-30
Trustpak 6 pocket
Trustpak 8 pocket
Trustpak 12 pocket
Duckworth 2500
Duckworth 1000-D
Duckworth 2500
Duckworth 4500
Duckworth 8000
Duckworth 9000